School Consultation

We provide consultation to schools for a wide range of behavioral issues that prevent students from learning and remaining in their regular schools.


Navigating Behavioral Issues


(mands, tacts, intraverbals)

Conceptual Skills

(e.g., inferencing, perspective taking)


(mands, tacts, intraverbals)

Problem Behaviors

(e.g., tantrums, stereotype)

Social Skills

(e.g., greeting, losing graciously)


(flexibility, empathy, etc.)

Adaptive Functioning

(toileting, sleeping through the night, eating properly)


(joining play, following along, turn taking)

Helping Your School

We assist on complex cases where it’s critical that you have a doctoral level BCBA-D/LBA to collaborate with the team.

We set up entire programs from scratch groups of students at all levels in your schools and train your teams to take them over or continue ensuring their effectiveness with our teams as long as you need.

We also provide full teams to support individual students and ensure they can be successful throughout the entire school day.

We provide just-in-time coaching to teachers and other professionals working with students to ensure that they can apply what they are learning when it counts.

What Makes Us Successful?

  • We devote hours beyond what’s in the IEPs for a particular student and it doesn’t impact the costs to the districts.

  • We’re there to support the professionals at schools, not replace them.

  • We provide just-in-time training and coaching to make new skills stick for teachers and others serving students

  • We have doctoral level supports for BCBAs when things get complicated.

  • We tailor interventions to make sure that they are not only effective but sustainable because they fit the student and the teaching environment.

  • We work constantly to reduce and eliminate the need for our 1:1 student support teams and either transfer control to the district or enable the student to participate in school without the need for a 1:1.

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